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To add a photo to a webpage, you have two methods - but both begin the same way. 
First, you must be signed in to the webpage...
Second, you must be in Edit Page mode....
Third, you should have the cursor in the location you want the photo (but you can drag and drop it in the correct location if you forget this part.
Then... select Insert (see Fig. 1 Click on it to enlarge)

Option A. If the photo is on your computer (See Fig. 2 Click on it to enlarge)
You must locate and select the photo from inside the Add an Image window, this will then upload the original image and show a thumbnail view BEFORE you can click on OK. So be patient. this method allows people to click on the inserted photo to view a full sized version - just like this tutorial.

Option B. If the photo has been uploaded to the Robusters' Picasa Web Albums, then use this method. (see Fig 3. Click on it to enlarge)

This is the preferred method - it means the original photo has been uploaded and is archived for future use.

Fig. 1 Insert Photo Options

Fig 2 Photo on your computer