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Shoppers' Drug Mart Tree of Life

posted Oct 9, 2016, 9:04 AM by Robusters Website

In support of Shoppers Drug Mart’s ongoing commitment to women’s health, the Company and its Associate-owners recently announced the 15th annual Tree of Life campaign. The national, four-week campaign has raised more than $17 million dollars in the past, with the projected goal of $2.3 million this year to help fund local women’s charities across the country. 

The campaign provides customers with the opportunity to purchase and personalize a “Tree of Life” icon; a “leaf” for a loonie, a “butterfly” for $5, an “acorn” for $10 and a “cardinal” for $50. 

The icons are prominently displayed on the Tree of Life in all participating stores and 100 percent of campaign proceeds are donated to local women’s health organizations. 

This year, the Robusters are the recipients of the local initiative.  

As well as selling leaves for the Trees of Life, the Robusters are also in the midst of selling their popular annual calendars to support the paddling program and the oncology unit of Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.