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Robusters Featured in Documentary

posted Oct 9, 2015, 5:02 PM by Robusters Website

Early this year the Kootenay Robusters were invited by producer Vanessa Ratjen to take part in a documentary film about,  “women who rip.” The team found this quite an intriguing idea.   Although we think of ourselves that way, we were surprised anyone else did. 

 At the end of May, a film crew arrived and spent three days interviewing team members and friends, driving out to practices and learning about dragon boating and the women of the Kootenay Robusters while they filmed every aspect of our training routine. 

The result was one section of an eight part documentary called Hale and Heart. The film celebrates adventurous and spirited women whose sport is deeply embedded in their lives. Participants span the decades – from a 12 year old surfer to the Robusters, one of whom is still going strong in her eighties. 

 The information on the film’s website sets the stage:

“Unconcerned about gender stereotypes, these women spend their extra time (and then some) sweating it out on the trail, the track, the court or the water. Daring, gritty and stoked, these women possess physical strength, but also a robust passion that keeps them dedicated to their dreams. Hale and Heart, in a name, speaks to these two things that weave their unique stories together—the health in body (hale) and the intense joy they find in pursuing it (heart).

Hale and Heart was made possible with a grant from Telus Optik Local Community Programming and is also available free on demand on Telus Optik TV and YouTube.