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Robuster Rain or Shine Windup

posted Nov 14, 2013, 11:48 AM by Robusters Website   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 12:36 PM ]

Rain or Shine Weekend Windup 2013 was held on Sept 14 and 15.  Once again we Robusters demonstrated that it would take more than a little rain to dampen our spirits!  Saturday morning we set off for a paddle, Bob and Colleen McQueen who were camped at Schullis’ joined us even in the rain.  The highlight of our paddle was a wonderful leisurely trip down the channel where we photographed water lilies and the beaver lodge.  On the way back we stopped to pick up Sally C then further down the lake we were joined by Judy Pasqualotto. Everyone came back to Kay’s for coffee and treats.  
The afternoon passed quickly, Debbie had a scavenger hunt (with a paddling slant) organized for us, also the same teams completed in a games circuit (Bocci, putting, bean bag toss and ring toss) which brought out our competitive spirit!  We also enjoyed paddling on two paddle boards, Patricia’s kayak, Trish’s OC1 and of course, the OC6. 

Sunday started bright and early with a delicious hearty breakfast served by Grand Forks and Christina Lake.  We swore we would never need to eat again after Saturday’s dinner but here we were at the table again doing what Robusters do well! 

Family and friends joined us for a Carnation Ceremony where we once again remembered our teammates who are no longer with us.  Lunch was served by the Castlegar paddlers then we paddled and played with all of our water toys until it was time to put the Dragon and coach boat on the trailers and to bed for the winter.  

It was sad to see our 13th season come to an end and I think we all agreed that this should become an annual event!