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Donation to KBRH Oncology

posted Aug 8, 2020, 12:39 PM by Robusters Website

The Kootenay Robusters frequently support the oncology departments of area hospitals by donating money from their annual calendar sales.

Pat Bruce and Bernice Barrass recently met with Lisa Pasin to make this year's donation, while safely distancing and modeling good mask wearing behavior. 

While the paddling season has been cancelled due to health and safety concerns, The Robusters would like to remind all supporters that our annual calendar will still be coming out in a few weeks.  

Covid 19 Can't Stop the Robusters

posted Aug 6, 2020, 1:05 PM by Robusters Website

The Kootenay Robusters Dragon Boat Team has had to park their dragon boat for this season, because of the need for physical distancing. However, team members are still committed to supporting each other to maintain good physical, mental and emotional health.  The Robusters are working out at home to maintain good muscle tone and individual kayaks have provided a way to get out on the water and keep up paddling skills while still having fun together. The Robusters would like to remind the community that their annual calendar will be available shortly and is essential to funding the paddling program, so that they can come back strong for their twentieth season in 2021.  

Christina Lake Cleanup 2020

posted May 31, 2020, 8:24 AM by Robusters Website

The Kootenay Robusters are used to packing 22 energetic women into a 40 foot boat.  However, with the current physical distancing restrictions, they moved further apart and got to work on Saturday, May 30 to help with the Christina Lake Cleanup.The team spread out, much more than two meters apart, on both sides of the highway and frontage roads. They also braved clouds of mosquitoes to clean trails in the Nature Park.  At one point the Robusters came together briefly for this photo with all the participants.  We were in the process of consolidating our bags of garbage for pickup later and then spread out again to maintain the appropriate social distance.
Paddlers came from Christina Lake, Rossland and Castlegar to help out with this project. The Robusters are hoping to resume training on the lake in the near future and encourage women in the area to give dragon boating a try.

A Home for the Dragon

posted May 7, 2020, 3:43 PM by Robusters Website

The Kootenay Robusters have started a fundraising effort to build a new boathouse on a piece of land we are in the process of acquiring.  Because of the Covid 19 challenges this year, we expect that construction will have to be delayed until next season, which will, fittingly, be our 20th anniversary.
Past and present members have been contacted with a request to consider making a one time donation to the building fund.  We would like to recognize those who have already sent in cheques  (totaling over a thousand dollars).  Thank you for your generosity.
Bernice & Lorne Barrass    
Kathleen Ross
Jean Lee
Robert & Colleen McQueen
Sally Chilcott
Otter Louis
James & Anna Ferraro

Robusters Enjoy Emmy Celebration

posted Oct 28, 2019, 7:11 PM by Robusters Website

Teammates of Cindy Alblas joined her at the Christina Lake Visitors Centre to celebrate her success at the recent Emmy ceremonies where she had been invited to create an item to honor recipients of the awards.  We enjoyed a slide show of the event and also the many tasty treats that Cindy provided to thank her many fans who had turned out to support her during the construction of the objets d'art that she created for the event. Now on to the Oscars!

Fundraising Focus for 2020

posted Oct 12, 2019, 7:41 PM by Robusters Website

The Kootenay Robusters Dragon Boat Team has a special focus for their fundraising this year.  We have leased a small piece of property at the south end of Christina Lake and have big plans for it.

After 20 years of parking our dragon boat, OC6 and safety boat at locations supplied by supportive community members, the team hopes to have a boathouse in place by the end of next season.

To make this happen, we are working on securing grants, contacting past and present members for donations and selling the ever popular Robuster calendars in locations throughout our communities.

As well, we have a raffle underway for a lovely quilt, donated by one of our paddlers, Rae Salkeld, as well as a gift basket and scratch and sniff wreath.

Look for our calendars and buy a couple to support your local dragon boat team as they raise awareness of breast cancer and help local women build strength, fitness and mental health.  

Christina Lake Homecoming

posted Oct 7, 2019, 4:08 PM by Robusters Website

The dragon boat team was out in force for the Christina Lake Homecoming celebration in early July.  Paddling a dragon boat is fun for young and old so the team offered rides to everyone who wanted to give dragon boating a try.  It was a perfect day to be on the water and everyone seemed to be enjoying the experience.  

Paddling Season Winds Down

posted Oct 7, 2019, 3:55 PM by Robusters Website

On Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019 the Kootenay Robuster took their safety boat, OC6 and dragon boats out of the water for the winter.  This would have been impossible without the assistance of John Tourcotte and a full crew of paddlers.  Luckily the day turned out to be perfect - a pleasant surprise after the heavy snow fall just one week earlier.  The Robusters are hoping this will be the last year for this complicated process, as they are hoping to have a boat house in place on a leased property next year.  

Carnation Ceremony 2019

posted Jun 26, 2019, 4:18 PM by Robusters Website

On Saturday, June 22 we had our Pink Carnation ceremony after practice. This has become a  Kootenay Robuster tradition as we pause to remember those who have lost their battle with Breast Cancer, those who are presently fighting to restore their good health and to renew our commitment to our Mission to experience physical, emotional, spiritual, & mental wellness at a level that is comfortable & personally challenging. 

Please pause to remember Robusters who are no longer with us: Pat Austin, Phyllis Weldon, Wanda Mears, Lora Burke, Mary Jane Cadman, Maria Morris, Janet Merry, Mavis Chato, Amy Fehr, Kay Read, Lisa Marken, Maxine Dewdney, Sharron Griffiths, Judy Peck, Dr. Trudi Toews & Arlene McGillivray.

Okanagan Super Sprints

posted Jun 16, 2019, 12:01 PM by Robusters Website

June 15, 2019
The Kootenay Robusters took part in an early season festival in Penticton on Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15. With many new paddlers on the roster, our goals were to practice putting  6 races together using the skills that we will be honing all season  - and to have some fun!  Although we didn't win any prizes, we were pleased with how well the team paddled after only 19 practices this season. The Super Sprints were a perfect starting point for us, since the 250 meter races were manageable for everyone. This festival included some highly skilled teams whose strength and timing impressed and motivated us.  We hope to be ready to compete again in August at the Calgary Festival.

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