Calendar Photographs

The Kootenay Robusters Want Your Photos

You are invited to submit photographs for our annual fundraising calendar. Please read the list of specifications below to see if your photos would be a good match for our calendar. We invite you to submit a selection of shots that you might think are suitable for this project.  The selection committee would like to have the photos by April 1, 2018 please. 

Robuster Calendar Photo Requirements

Physical Size and Resolution:


Maximum size 9.75" x 7.25" horizontal (preferred).  

Minimum 9.5" x 6.6".

Proportions within these sizes will be accepted.


11.25" x 8.75" 


Must be 300 ppi at finished size above (standard printing resolution) 

So for us casual photographers….

Please set your camera on a high resolution-it is important to have sufficient ppi (pixels per inch) so that when the print has enough ppi, it will appear sharp, not fuzzy or pixilated. 

Minimum: 2560x1920 - 5 Megapixel

 Color Mode:

If you are manipulating the photo in any way, first save the original as a .tif to avoid losing detail and work in cmyk to view the most accurate color. If your photo is sent to us as jpeg, it will be changed to cmyk before printing.


Cropping is sometimes necessary depending on proportion of the original. If you are concerned about someone else cropping your photo, please crop and prepare the finished photo to the above specifications.


For digital cameras set to largest picture size to acquire the above specifications. 

The following tutorial for Photoshop is excellent for instructions on how to size your photo:

 If any questions, please contact:

Shad Tourcotte


We prefer to include photos from the geographic areas around the communities from which the Robusters’ members come and where we sell our calendars.  The larger of these communities include Trail, Castlegar, Rossland and Grand Forks.  Of course, photos of our paddling home, Christina Lake, are also most welcome.

 **Please include a title and the location of each photograph so that we can accurately provide this information on the calendar.

 Photos can be submitted on CD, the CD will be returned to you once the calendar has been printed or sent via YOUSENDIT.COM to Shad Tourcotte at